At Mint Benefits, we are always looking for solutions that help people find and receive better healthcare. Below are some groups that we have partnered with that are not part of our core offering but that offering fantastic services that we want our customers to consider.

Prescription Bliss

Get the medication you need for only $39 per month! Because your prescriptions shouldn’t break the bank.
See how much you could be saving!

Headquartered in central Ohio, Prescription Bliss is a family-owned and operated company founded in response to the staggering disparity between the cost of prescription medications and the corresponding insurance coverage. With loved ones of their own having been burdened by steep prescription prices, they understand the real need for their services within the industry. They consider their members an extension of their own family and thus prioritize client satisfaction in everything they do.

AGS – Advanced Genomics Solutions

America’s Leader in Business-to-Business Genetic Testing Services

We will never sell or share our client’s genetic data.

Crested Oak Dentistry

No, they are dental discount plans. You pay a membership fee to receive discounted prices for your dental care. Cleanings, x-rays and Dr. exams are included. It is often a significant savings over insurance plans!

There is a 30-day waiting period but after that ALL services are in effect and allowed.

There isn’t any! You are welcome to use it as often and as many times as you need.

Crested Oak Dentistry is an experienced dental group specializing in all aspects of dental care with a specific emphasis on personal patient service. Crested Oak offers monthly and annual memberships in their Crested Oak Dental Discount Plans, which includes many standard, annual services and discount prices on professional dental procedures. All Trailhead Clinics & Mint Benefits members will receive discounted prices when signing up for a discount plan.